Call for Negotiation Committee Members

 Baragining Image
It seems like only yesterday that your bargaining committee was hammering out a new Collective Agreement.  Our current collective agreement expires on March 10, 2017.  This fall your Union will be sending a letter to the Employer asking them to engage with us at the bargaining table, to reach a new agreement for all CUPE Local 1063 members. 

It takes a team effort to successfully negotiate a Collective Agreement and the last round of bargaining was a prime example.  Six (6) other members joined me at the table along with our National Rep.  This year is no exception and your Union is looking forward to once again assembling a strong negotiating committee who will bargain a Collective Agreement that works for our membership.
This year we face uncertainty, with a new Provincial government and recognize the significant time commitment required for anyone that is selected for the Negotiating Committee.  If you are unable to fully participate on the main committee due to time constraints and you still want to be involved, there are usually sub-committees  required. If a subcommittee works for you instead please indicate either main committee or sub-committee.
If you are interested in joining the Negotiating Committee please send an e-mail to iindicating your intent, what you will bring to the table and how you can contribute. 
Once the committee has been established a bargaining survey will go out to the membership.
In Solidarity
Dennis E. Kshyk