2022 Union Executive elections – Nominees Biographies

The following members have confirmed they are letting their names stand for the 2022 CUPE 1063 Union Executive elections:

1st Vice-President:  Elizabeth Wheeler and Shawn Trudell

Treasurer:  Chris Rerick – Acclaimed.

Executive Officer (2 year term):  Katelyn Maruca, Manjit Jassal, Sheldon Hummel and Stefan Gudmundson.

Executive Officer (1 year term):  Jalene Noland, Scott Jones, and Shauna Leduchowski-Hazlitt

Trustee:  Todd McDonald – Acclaimed

An election will be held from Monday, March 28th to Friday, April 1st, 2022. Please check your personal emails provided during this period for your election ballot link.

The following candidates have submitted their photos and/or bios for your consideration:

1st Vice-President

Sr. Elizabeth Wheeler

My name is Elizabeth Wheeler, and I am running for 1st VP.

I am a Case Manager who has been with the WCB for 7 years. During this time, I’ve served as an executive officer and 2nd VP, and I have had the immense privilege to meet many members and provide support in employer disputes.

Our union faces many challenges, but I’d say our biggest challenge is our employer’s unwillingness to recognize our hard work. They do this by denying us equitable wage increases and benefits such as work from home. If elected, I promise to keep these issues at the forefront and to continue working to make our voices heard. Thank you.

Br. Shawn Trudell

Good day everyone please consider me for position of 1st Vice President of CUPE 1063.

I started at the WCB in 2005 full of excitement and awe.  Over the years frustration set in.

I’ve experienced and learned how our Employer can negatively treat staff regarding safety, benefits, and professional development. I wanted to do more.

I became a Shop Steward so I could help and make a difference. In my current role as Chief Shop Steward this continues and allows me another platform to listen to you and advocate for our members.

If you don’t know me, know that I will listen & support you. I will take your concerns to the employer and address them with confidence, professionalism and tact.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Executive Officer (2 year term):

Sr. Katelyn Maruca

My name is Katelyn and I have worked for the WCB for approximately 5 years as a Rehabilitation Specialist. I currently sit on the bargaining committee for the union. The time spent on this committee has made me very interested in joining the Union in a larger capacity. I have lots of previous experience being a member on a variety of non-profit boards and committees and would love to be a part of our Union to represent you as a member.

Br. Manjit Jassal

I have been an Executive Officer with CUPE 1063 for the last two years and I am hopeful that you will elect me to continue to serve in this role. In addition to my role on the union executive, I am currently an active member on the Joint Job Evaluation Committee and the Joint Pension Advisory Committee. My work on these committees has exposed me to all different areas of the WCB which I feel makes me a strong choice to continue advocating for you and challenging the employer on your behalf. Thanks!

Br. Sheldon Hummel

Hi everyone, my name is Sheldon Hummel and I am running for re-election for the position of Executive Officer for CUPE Local 1063.

Prior to joining the WCB as a summer student I attended the U of M where I obtained an Arts Degree majoring in Labour Studies and minoring in Economics. Some 17 years later I am still here and have held the positions of Payment Assessor, Case Management Rep, Assessment Account Rep and most recently as Supervisor, Assessment Accounts.

With my combination of education, experience of being on the executive, serving as a member of the JJE committee and my experiences from the different departments I have worked in, I believe I am an excellent candidate for the Executive Officer position. I look forward to continuing to fight to have this employer recognize the hard work we do and treat us with the respect we deserve.  Thank you.

Br. Stefan Gudmundson

Hello Sisters and Brothers,

It is hard to believe that two years have passed since you graciously elected me to represent you on the union executive as an Executive Officer. It is an opportunity I am proud of and that has motivated me to run for another two-year term.

Within these two years I have worked hard to act for our collective voice by representing members in meetings with the employer and providing advice and guidance to many of you. I have further expanded my union involvement by sitting on both the Bargaining Committee and the JJE Committee.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done to mend and improve the current labour relations environment at the WCB and if elected, I will continue to work to protect our rights and further our interests.

Executive Officer (1 year term):

Sr. Jalene Noland

Hello fellow WCB employees!

I am Jalene Noland, the new CSR in the Brandon office. I want to be your representative for Executive Officer.

My background is in Finance and Accounting within the Canadian Forces Moral and Welfare Service. That means I am not only a detail oriented, rule following employee but I also know the meaning of deadlines and how to jazz up the mundane.

I am a mom of 4 children under 9 years old. I run a small hobby farm with my high school sweetheart husband of 20 years and am from British Columbia!

Br. Scott Jones

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

I am excited and privileged for the opportunity to run for the Executive Officer 1 year term position.

I have been with the Worker’s Compensation Board since 2011 starting in the Healthcare Department and moving on to Compensation Services as a Payment Assessor and currently as an Adjudicator II.  I also have had the opportunity to work term positions at the Appeal Commission and at the United Way as a Sponsored Executive.

If you were to elect me, I would continue to build on the Union’s efforts to improve the current environment and relations at the WCB along with being open and receptive to your thoughts.  It is imperative that we as union members continue to have our rights and interests protected.

I thank you for your consideration!

Sr. Shauna Leduchowski-Hazlitt

Hello, for those that do not know me, I am Shauna Leduchowski-Hazlitt.  I have been at the Board for just over 7 years and have worked in Adjudication, Case Management and currently work in Specialized Services as a Senior Case Manager.  You very likely have heard me before you have met me.

To keep it short, why am I running for an Executive position?  It’s simple: I want to work with our union to bring necessary changes that are driven from our members with the goal to bring progressive thinking and modernizing our workplace, to truly make it a Top 25 employer.

What can you expect from me: Fair but Firm approach, honesty, and accountability.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

More information:

For more information or questions for the candidates, feel free to email them directly. For more information or questions about the election, please contact a member of the Nomination Committee listed below.

In Solidarity,

Sr. Blair Miller (bmiller@wcb.mb.ca)

Br. Jamie Vallotton  (jvallott@wcb.mb.ca)

Sr. Kelly Paterson (kpaterso@wcb.mb.ca)