About Us

2017 Union Executive & Stewards

We represent the over 500 workers of the Workers Compensation Board & SAFE Work Manitoba in Winnipeg, Brandon & Thompson. We provide Manitobans with valued services for injury prevention, compensation, and return to health and work.

If you have problems in your workplace, please contact your local shop steward, or your union executive. Here’s who we are:

Position Name Phone #
President Dennis Kshyk 981-5471
1st Vice-President Dave Ferguson 954-4361
2nd Vice- President  Justin Beaudin 954-4087
Treasurer Chris Rerick 954-4284
Recording Secretary  Crystal Jarvis 954-4387
Chief Shop Steward Bob Sawchyn 954-4150
Executive Office  Carl Kernested 954-4886
Executive Office Drew Badger  954-4198
Executive Office Jamie Prokopec 954-4405
Executive Office Elizabeth Wheeler 954-4420
Shop Steward Cathy Gervais 954-4555
Shop Steward Syeed Khan 954-4422
Shop Steward Pat Stone 954-4711
Shop Steward Sue Roth 954-4942
Shop Steward Shawn Trudell 954-6136
Trustee Peter Wiebe 954-4342
Trustee Todd McDonald 954-4648
Trustee Lisa Rintoul 954-4622
CUPE National Representative Steve Parrot 942-0343

Joint Employee Benefits Committee
Charlene Mooney – co-chair
Lisa Rintoul
Michael Bennett
Michelle Zdrill- alternate

Joint Job Evaluation
Chris Rerick – co-chair
Jamie Prokopec
Rick Rennie
Justin Beaudin
Sheldon Hummel – alternate

Joint Pension Advisory Committee
Todd McDonald – co-chair
Robin Kobylak
Bryan Pragdies
Michael Bennett
Carl Kernested – alternative

Workplace Health & Safety Committee
Warren Gottfried – co-chair
Sarah Liebrecht
Pam Greenlay
Kelly Paterson
Cid Zaldivar
Linda Unrau
Catherine Lee

Joint Equity & Diversity Initiative (JEDI)
Orlando Rivera – co-chair
Jamie Prokopec
Aaron Castanaga

Flexible Work Committee – joint
Bob Sawchyn – co-chair
Dave Ferguson
Denise Antosh
Melissa Hyytiainen
Veronica Suszynski
Claire Kosmac – alternative
Charlene Skrypnyk – alternate

Workload Committee – joint
Bob Sawchyn – co-chair
Drew Badger
Colleen Ashby
Justin Beaudin

Long Term Disability – joint
Kim Keating – co-chair
Darrel Richcoon

Succession & WorkForce Planning – joint
Cheryl Wieclawski – co-chair
Ted Liusz
Kelly Paterson
Dave Ferguson

Stand-By – joint
Carl Kernested – co-chair
Ryan Black

Dennis Kshyk – senior editor
Carl Kernested – editor