Flexible Work Hours

Flexible Work Hours Q and A

The Flexible Work Hours (FWH) program allows staff to request work hours that are earlier or later than their current schedule.

Who is eligible to participate in the Flexible Work Hours (FWH) Program?

All regular full-time employees are eligible for inclusion in the FWH Program.

Temporary, full-time employees are eligible for inclusion in the FWH Program as outlined in the next question below.

Summer students, contractors, part-time, job share, casual and temporary employees hired for a period of less than one year are not eligible for inclusion in the FWH Program.

Employees working in the Claims Information Centre will continue to be covered by a separate Letter of Understanding.

Are temporary employees eligible to participate in the FWH Program?  How do temporary employees get into the program?

Yes, a new full time temporary employee can participate in the FWH if their term is for one year or more and they apply with at least six months remaining in the term.

In addition, a temporary full time employee with at least one year of seniority can also participate in the Flexible Work Hours Program.  These employees must be in a term position lasting at least six months beyond the date they apply into the FWH Program.

Once in the FWH program, a temporary full time employee may continue in the program as allowed for regular full time employees regardless of the lengths of future terms.

If you believe that you are an eligible temporary employee, make a formal request by completing the FWH Participation form and providing it to your supervisor.

How do new regular full time employees hired into the WCB get into the program?

New regular full time employees can make a formal request to participate in the FWH program at any time by completing the FWH Participation Form and providing it to their supervisor.  This form is available on the Intranet.

If I am eligible, can I opt in or out after I sign up?  If so, when and how?

You are entitled to opt-in to the FWH schedule only 1 time per year.

You can submit your formal request to participate in the FWH to your supervisor at any time.  The start date for your FWH will be at the beginning of the next mutually agreeable bi-weekly pay period.

A request to opt out and return to regular hours of work is also submitted to your supervisor.  A move back to regular hours would occur at the beginning of the next mutually agreeable bi-weekly pay period.  You would not be eligible to rejoin the program until one year from the date of opting out.

Are the hours of operation for the WCB changing with the implementation of the FWH?

No.  The hours of operation for the WCB will continue to be 8:30 A.M. till 4:30 P.M.

What are the hours that I can access the different internal supports?

The internal support hours are as follows:

  • CIC hours       8:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M.
  • Help Desk Hours        7:55 A.M.-5:05 P.M.
  • 4848 pager crisis line for “internal” customers-ERTUnit 8 will have this available 7:55 A.M.-4:305:05P.M.

What are the Core Hours of Work?

Core hours are defined as the period of time during the day that employees are expected to be available to work.  Core hours for the FWH are 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM but are subject in any particular area/department  to the Employer being able to meet its operational /customer service needs.

What days of the week are eligible for FWH?

You may request any day or days of the week for your FWH program but they must be consistent (i.e., not changing every week).

Will I get the FWH that I request?

Every effort will be made to accommodate your preference around the terms of your FWH.  However, because of operational requirements, this may not always be possible.

How will I know if my requested FWH is approved?

In conjunction with your written request, each supervisor will reference their unit’s schedule and determine if your request can be accommodated.  This decision will be based among other things on the compressed work week commitments and vacation commitments in the unit and how these influence the operational requirements in a particular work area.  You will be notified if your request has been approved.

How does my seniority affect the selection of my preferred FWH?

Seniority as defined in the Collective Agreement was initially used to determine that FWH selection order within your work unit.  All initial selections were subject to insuring operational requirements were met within your work area.  Subsequent FWH selection is primarily based on availability of such an arrangement within the ongoing operational requirements of your work unit.

What if I don’t agree with a decision made relative to my request for a particular FWH arrangement?

If your request is turned down or altered and you don’t agree with this decision, you should first discuss the issue with your Supervisor, Manager, or Director.  If you are still not satisfied, you may request that the Joint Committee review the matter.  If either party disagrees with the recommendation of the Joint Committee, the matter can be referred to the appropriate Vice-President/designate for reconsideration.

Once my FWH arrangement is established, can it be changed?

Changes may occur if:

  • Mutual agreement is reached between you and your supervisor.
  • Operational requirements necessitate or allow for a change.

Circumstances may occur where you have a family or personal health related issue that requires you to need an extensive number of medical appointments on a regular, ongoing basis.  Should this arise you may seek the approval of your Manager/Director to change your FWH or you may be asked to consider such a change to accommodate such appointments.

What happens to my FWH arrangement if I transfer to another area?

If you choose to transfer to another area, you will be subject to what is available in the area regardless of seniority.  If you transfer to another area at the employer’s request, you will retain your existing FWH.  If you receive a term position in another area, you may not be able to retain your FWH arrangement when you return to your home position.

How many people in a group can be off at the same time?  How is this determined?

The management within each group will determine how many people can be off at the same time subject to operational requirements being met.

Will my pay cheque change if I sign up for a FWH?

No.  The amount will remain the same as your current pay cheque.

What happens if I am called in to work when I am working in a FWH arrangement?

Operational requirements may require the suspension of a particular arrangement.  However, all attempts will be made to prevent this from happening.  

Can I be removed from a FWH arrangement?

If you do not maintain an acceptable level of performance as a direct result of the hours that you are working you may be required to return to regular hours.

Employees who report late for work on a consistent basis or with excessive absenteeism may have their FWH agreement altered or may be required to return to regular hours.

In every case advance notice and time to rectify the problem will be provided.  A return to regular hours under these provisions will not be considered disciplinary and will be for a minimum of 3 months.  The affected employee will retain their right to return to their previous FWH arrangement for a period of one year.

If removed, can I grieve the decision?

Yes, employees may grieve their removal from the FWH program to the Vice President of a different operational area for a final decision, not subject to arbitration.

Can I work more than my daily hours so that I can leave earlier on another day?

No, Article 13.03.03 of the current Collective Agreement states that an employee’s regular hours of work shall not exceed 7.83 hours per day.

Can I alter (i.e., skip, reduce, put together) daily breaks and lunch break to leave early or later in the day?

No, the WCB of Manitoba and CUPE Local 1063 advocate the taking of regular breaks to support a safe and healthy workplace.

Do I have to participate in the FWH program?

No, it is optional.

If I request vacation days or a block of overtime days, do the FWH’s that other staff in my unit have affect my ability to take this time, or do vacation and/or overtime days have priority?

All attempts will be made to allow as many people as possible take scheduled holidays when requested.  Banked overtime remains based on mutual agreement with your supervisor.

One of the key underlying approval factors will be that there is enough staff on to ensure that operational requirements are met and that the great service that we provide is maintained.

What happens to you FWH if you are on a leave of absence, maternity, paternity or sick leave?

If you are granted a leave of absence at your request, your FWH will not be retained for you and you may need to choose another arrangement based on availability upon your return.

If  you are on a maternity or paternity leave, every effort will be made to maintain your FWH.  However, if you return to the same job but in a different area, you may not be able to retain the same FWH because it may not be available in your new area.  As such, you may need to request another arrangement upon your return.

If you are on sick leave, your FWH will be held until you return or until you are in receipt of long term disability benefits.  Once off long term disability benefits and you return to work full time, you may need to request another arrangement based on availability.

How will training classes, such as the six week claims training class, be handled with respect to FWH?

When participating in training, such as the claims training class, there is no FWH for trainees and they will work 8:30 to 4:30.  Once the training is complete, the regular eligibility requirements will have to be met in order to resume a FWH arrangement.

Does a FWH arrangement have any effect on my overtime.

Overtime will be paid and applied to those hours worked outside of the hours of work you establish through your particular FWH arrangement.

Is the FWH program in effect on December 24th and December 31st?

No, the hours of work on those dates will be 8:30 to noon for all staff.

If I take a 1/2 day vacation, what time do I start or depart based on my flexible work hour option?

Please see this chart, which identifies both the arrival and departure times for employees who want to take a 1/2 day vacation. This chart shows both CWW and Non-CWW participation.