Joint Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity (JEDI) Committee

The WCB has a Joint Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity (JEDI) Committee with representation from both Management and the Union. Under the umbrella of one of our core values of providing a respectful and diverse workplace reflective of Manitoba, both parties agree to cooperate in formulation of implementing a program designed to ensure employee equity for every member of our staff.

The JEDI Committee’s key objectives are:

  • To continue to ensure that current and future employment systems are non-discriminatory
  • To continue to enhance the equality and treatment of women, Aboriginals, visible minorities and persons with disabilities
  • To continue to redress disparities, if any, in the employer’s present workforce distribution
  • To continue to develop strategies to enhance the recruitment, appointment and retention of target group members
  • To continue to prepare the organization for the increasing role target group member will play in the workforce
  • To continue to support an appreciation for diversity by developing awareness

Diversity Committee Members

Karen Smith – Diversity Specialist


Renzo Borgesa – Executive Sponsor and Co-Chairperson
Phil Chan
Lily Rempel-Tucker
Josee Bretecher


Orlando Rivera – Co-Chairperson
Aaron Castanaga
Elizabeth Wheeler
Keenan Rempel

Resource Members

Adrian Elleyne (Communications)
Kristine Fileccia (Admin Support)