Joint Job Evaluation Committee

In accordance with the Collective Agreement, the Joint Job Evaluation (JJE) Committee oversees the Joint Job Evaluation Program.

The Committee implements and maintains the Joint Job Evaluation Program by carrying out the following list of responsibilities and any other additional responsibilities which are given to the members by the Employer and the Union jointly:

  • Evaluating all Jobs using The Plan
  • Maintaining the integrity of the Joint Job Evaluation Program
  • Recommending to the parties changes to the Joint Job Evaluation Program as deemed necessary from time to time
  • Documenting decision criteria and precedents on an on-going basis for future Committee reference
  • Overseeing of the selection and Rating of Benchmark Jobs
  • Overseeing the appeal process of the Joint Job Evaluation Program
  • Communicating the evaluation results to the Human Resource Department

Job Evaluation Program

The WCB’s Joint Job Evaluation Program measures the value of union jobs within the WCB in relation to each other by assigning every Union Job Points based four main factors:

  • Skill
  • Responsibility
  • Working conditions
  • Effort

Joint Job Evaluations allow us to fairly and consistently describe and evaluate jobs, using the tools and processes developed by the Committee and approved by the Employer and the Union.

The Human Resources department works with workers and managers to conduct the evaluations.