Joint Pension Advisory Committee

The Joint Pension Advisory Committee exists to oversee and monitor the Plan and Pension Fund with a view to ensuring prudent and effective operation and administration on behalf of the Employer and in favour of its Members.

The Committee is comprised of Employees who are members of the Union, Employees who are not members of the Union, and an observer from retired members.

Questions for the Pension Advisory Committee can be sent to

Union Members
Todd McDonald Co-Chair
Robin Kobylak
Bryan Pragides
Michael Bennett
Carl Kernested (alternate)

Management Members
Lorena Trann, Co- Chair
Greg Yaremko
Andria McCaughan
Steve Armstrong
Patrick Molloy (alternate)

Retiree Member
John Gray
Resource / Support
Cindy Graham (Human Resources)
Lynne McCarthy (Investments)
Marlis Steinke (Admin. Support)
Mike Williams  (Actuary)